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Professional Pet Boarding

Everyone needs a place to hang their collar, even if it’s just for a little while! We offer a safe, comfortable, and affordable environment for pets who, for whatever the reason, must be away from their human companions.  As a traditional boarding kennel, we specialize in INDIVIDUALIZED pet care. For your pet's absolute safety, and your peace of mind, we never house or exercise dogs together unless they belong to the same owner.


 A few of our unique features include:


*          Indoor/Outdoor runs

*          Securely fenced outdoor exercise areas

*          Separate boarding and play areas for large and small dogs

*          Multiple exercise sessions each day

*          Heated and Air Conditioned

*          Soothing Music Played 24 hours a day

*          Individual as well as family units

*          Doggie treats


 Our special features for felines include:


*          Individual as well as family units

*          Units are carpeted and equipped with private litter box

*          Soothing music played 24 hours a day

*          Heated and Air Conditioned

*          Cat toys

*          Cat treats


Business Hours


Monday thru Friday 8AM-12PM; 2PM-5:30PM

Saturday 8AM-12PM

Sunday 8AM-9AM; 4PM-6PM




Dogs:   $ 12.00 per day


Cats:    $ 9.00 per day


Multi-Pet discounts are available for (2) or more pets boarded from the same family


There is no charge for the date of departure if the pet is picked up by 12:00 pm on Monday – Saturday or by 9:00 am on Sundays


We accept Cash, Checks, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover




All guests must be current on the following vaccinations:











Proper proof of vaccinations is required prior to entry. You are responsible for getting this information to us. This is your pet's passport into our facility. For your pet's safety as well as the safety of others, your pet cannot stay with us without proper proof  of vaccinations. NO EXCEPTIONS. (For a directory of local veterinarians, please click on our "Resources" page.)


We also recommend you have your pet treated with a spot-on flea and tick preventative such as Frontline. We regularly treat our facility against fleas, but to aid in keeping our facility flea and tick free, any guests showing signs of fleas or ticks will be treated at the owner’s expense. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in helping us keep our guests and premises “pest free.”




Our daily board rate includes your pet’s meals and snacks.  We feed our canine guests Purina Dog Chow. Unless otherwise requested, we feed our guests twice daily.  Our feline guests are fed Purina Cat Chow.


If your pet requires a special diet you may provide food from home. Please place individual portions of your pet’s food in zip lock bags clearly marked with your pet’s name.


All pet guests have access to fresh, clean water at all times.




If your pet is taking medication please advise us of the nature of the problem and type and frequency of the medication. Please bring in all medication in the original containers with prescribed dosage.




Does your pet have a favorite toy?  Just mark it clearly with his name and bring it along.  Home Farm Kennels is not responsible for lost items.  We have a variety of chew toys available.  If you would like us to keep your pet supplied with chew toys during his stay, just let us know.




The safety of our guests is our utmost concern.  To protect our guests, we allow only pets from the same household to share a room and/or play yard according to the instructions of the owner.


Also, our policy at Home Farm Kennels is to release a pet only to his or her owner, unless the owner specifically authorizes release to another named individual.*




Reservations are necessary to ensure that we have accommodations available for your pet. We strongly recommend that you make reservations for your pet’s stay well in advance of your departure date, particularly for holiday periods and during the summer months.




You are welcome to tour our facility and meet our staff PRIOR to your pet's stay. We do not do tours at drop off and do not allow children in the kennel area. It has been our experience that a lengthy drop off is very stressful for the animals. We want you to be happy and comfortable that you pet will be cared for  before the day of departure. A pleasant happy drop off helps your pet feel secure and eases the transition. You do not need to pre-schedule a tour but we do ask that you come after 9 AM, as early in the morning we are busy cleaning, feeding, and exercising our guests.




Please provide us with at least 72 hours notice prior to your arrival date if you must cancel a reservation.  Since we generally have a waiting list, sufficient notice allows us to offer your pet's accommodations to someone else.


Check In 


You may check in your pet at any time during business hours.


Check out


You may pick up your pet anytime during normal business hours.


Home Farm Kennels is family owned  and operated therefore, pickups and drop offs after hours take us away from time together as a family.  For this reason, we ask that you make prior arrangements if you need to pick up or drop off outside of business hours. We do understand that travel plans can change and emergencies can happen and we will make every effort to accommodate such requests.


Contact Number


Please provide us with a telephone number where we can reach you in case of an emergency.  If you will be unavailable, please provide us with the name of a friend or relative who can make decisions in your absence.


*If you are planning to have a friend of family member pick up your pet, please let us know in advance. In addition, payment for services is due BEFORE your pet is released from the kennel. To facilitate this, you may either a leave a credit card number with the staff when you drop off  and we will charge your card on the day of departure and send you a receipt or you may prepay with cash or check. Prepayment often does not fully cover the stay as travel plans and pick up times tend to change. If the amount of prepayment does not cover the entire stay, the balance will need to be paid for by who ever picks up your pet. It is your responsibility to make sure the friend or family member is aware of the hours for pick up.

186 Old Washburn Road * Caribou * Maine * 04736